Hey Jersey-ites, we’re back with the best of the “Jersey Shore” news on the web. Today’s creep soundtrack brought to you by no other than our bud, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. The beat is catchy, but wow, the auto-tune? Is that Mike or his robot clone?

In other Shore news, Angelina gets called out, John McCain tweets tan tips with Snooki and celebs celebrate the wisdom of “Jersey Shore.”

But before we kick off, let’s start with a photo caption contest. What’s going on in the picture below?

]]>jersey shore angelina pivarnick 'Jersey Shore' creep: Mike's rap, McCain digs Snooki's tan, the wit of GTL and moreSlob revealed: DJ Pauly Delvecchio called out returning castmember, Angelina Pivarnick, for, um, cleanliness issues. According to Radaronline.com’s source, Trashbagelina resembles resents the accusation. She says that she had no closet space for her clothes and so they ended up all over the place. And it sounds like she had to compete with some pretty metrosexual problems.
“Pauly D needed his own closet just for his cologne, tanning products, and hair gel,” Angelina told the source. We’ll have to call this a tie – because no man needs that many products. John McCain, a “Jersey Shore” fan?: Recently, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi publicly complained that the 10% tanning tax in the newly passed healthcare bill encroached on her freedom to Garfield. John McCain’s people got wind of the comment and took the chance to deliver a punch to the man who beat him out for the big job via Twitter: jersey shore John mccain tweet Snooki 'Jersey Shore' creep: Mike's rap, McCain digs Snooki's tan, the wit of GTL and more
There you have it! Republicans respect the GTL. Jersey-speak goes official: MTV has compiled the best quotes from Season 1 into a book. “Gym, Tanning, Laundry: The Official Jersey Shore Quote Book” drops Tuesday (June 15). For a little taste, check out MTV’s new star, “Warren the Ape” and some celebrity friends as they put their own spin on some classic “Jersey Shore-isms.”

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