jersey shore j woww snooki angelina 'Jersey Shore' Daily Creep: Snooki goes GaGa, the guidos go boy band and moreHey Guieebs, J-NOWW here with the best of “Jersey Shore” on the web for Thursday, April 8:

It was hot up in Miami Beach and the crew were just soakin’ it up. We got an interesting look at “Shore Style,” news of a grenade ban and we found out that MTV has been shamed into sending the crew back to The Shore!

]]>Reina’s “If I Close My Eyes.” Let the Gleeks have their Madonna, us Guieebs have Reina. Boom!

  • Earlier today, Snooki, my cuz J-WOWW and trash bag-elina hit the streets for a leisurely stroll to the gym. Two things struck us about this photo. First, why isn’t J-WOWW’s fist in Angelina’s face? And second, why is Snooki wearing tin foil for sunglasses? Go ahead, Lady Ga-Garfield.

  • jersey shore ronnie mike pauly vinny 'Jersey Shore' Daily Creep: Snooki goes GaGa, the guidos go boy band and moreThe guys seemed to be getting their GTL on the regular. People magazine peeped them gettin’ Florida natural orange as they went to the gym in their newly laundered matching black tank tops. We’re so happy that the MTV guidos prove that you can wear the same thing as your bros and still keep your masculinity intact. Yo, Tony, whachoo wearing tomorrow? I got to make sure we match. That’s cute. By the way, Ronnie, get a room.

  • Remember all those grenades that kept coming by the house last season and ruining the boys’ game? According to TMZ, grenades need not apply. They’re banned. Of course, we think the researcher for the TMZ story may be blind, because it says Mike got the hot chicks while Pauly got the grenades. Correction: “The Situation” never hooked up with any hot chicks. Can we say “Butterface.”

  • And, finally, we’re so pleased that all the jokes about “Jersey Shore” not actually being shot at The Jersey Shore have finally shamed MTV into action. The network has announced that only the first part of Season 2 will take place in Miami. Then, the crew will move back to the Seaside Heights house to see if there’s any possibility those trash bags will return their calls this time around. They are big stars now. Dust off the hot tub, Danny, the crew is ret to jet.

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