jersey shore 3 finale mtv 'Jersey Shore' finale: Our 10 'Oh, ye ah' moments

The “Jersey Shore” crew moved out of their summerhouse for the second time a bit bruised, somewhat more single and having held on to the same amount of cast members that entered the house in the first place.
It was an hour of fights, tears, hook ups and fist pumps – which is basically what we expect from the crew. By the end, the crew was all good – except for the on-again-off-again antics of Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and Ronnie Magro.
Here’s our take on the finale in 10 “Oh, ye-ah” moments:
1.) Sammi gets caught (Round 1) – Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino once again proved why he should be known as “The Instigation.” He gets in Sammi and Ronnie’s business by calling Arvin, the guy who said Sammi invited him to The Shore to hook up. He proceeded to sell her out by telling the guys that they had made out before. Sammi initially denies it, but later she comes clean. It happened like three years ago? That guy is a lose-ah.
2.) Ronnie sleeps through work – Last day of work at the Shore Store and Ronnie, who couldn’t be more d-baggy this season, sleeps through his four hour shift? He could have at least had the decency to sleep in the back instead of right there in the open on the back counter. Yo, have some couth.
3.) JWOWW’s dad at the BBQ – We have no idea how Jenni “JWOWW” Farley could be related to, let alone the daughter of, the guy she introduced as her father. He looked like he stepped out of a “Miami Vice” convention. Weird science!

jersey shore 3 finale uncle nino deena 'Jersey Shore' finale: Our 10 'Oh, ye ah' moments

4.) Deena grinds on Uncle Nino – Vinny Guadagnino’s Uncle Nino is back! The “O.G., original guido” came over for a goodbye BBQ and got right back to where he left off. And Deena Cortese gave him a little bump and grind to remember her by. Oh, ye-ah! And yuck.
5.) Ange-Deena – Vinny was trying to hook up with Deena’s best friend who came by for the BBQ and she wasn’t havin’ it. He didn’t appreciate that she was c**k- blocking him, so later he called her the worst insult in the house — worse than trash bag, grenade or hippo. He called her “Angelina”! That was low, Vin.

jersey shore 3 finale ronnie sammie 'Jersey Shore' finale: Our 10 'Oh, ye ah' moments

6.) Sammi vs. “The Instigation” (Round 2) – After Mike got all up in their business, Sammi turned on the flirty eyes and girly voice and told Ronnie that she couldn’t be with him if Mike was his boy. Ronnie told her Mike didn’t do anything wrong, since he was right about Sammi’s three-year-old hookup and she lied about it. Boom! That starts Round 2 between the two until later when Mike apologizes for butting in.
7.) Cuca-cartwheels – That’s pretty self-explanatory. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi broke out some cartwheels in the living room, but her “cuca” wanted to come out and play, too. So, what does she do? She goes over to the mirror to see if it really was showing. And boy was it!

jersey shore finale roger jwoww 'Jersey Shore' finale: Our 10 'Oh, ye ah' moments

8.) Roger locks it down – Never fall in love at The Shore? Well, Ronnie and Sammi never respected the rule, so why should JWOWW? Roger turned out to be more than just a rebound from her last boyfriend and not just a summer fling. So, he asked Jenni if they could be exclusive. Aw. Go ahead get your juicehead gorilla, JWOWW! 
9.) Snooki makes a grilled cheese for royalty – What does a guidette have to do when she’s “DTF,” but her man is hungry? Make him a pre-smush grilled cheese sandwich, right? But this guido was very particular about his sandwich, so Snooks referred to him as “Princess Diana”! Live that down, dude.
10.) Sammi picks bros before her guido (Round 3) – Things seemed fine between Sammi and Ronnie when they left for the crew’s last night of partying. Wait, nope. Sammi spent too much time hanging out with her guy friends and Ronnie’s ego just couldn’t take it. Even when she called him over to them, he wouldn’t come. In the end, he left her walking home drunk and alone. It was the last straw, yo. The two broke up and left the house… separately.
To be continued… in Italy!
What did you think of the finale? Did you cry? More or less than Ronnie?
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