Snooki-Mike-Situation-Jersey-Shore-MTV-350.jpgDon’t be surprised if your mailman shows up with “a situation” or the checkout girl at your local supermarket is sporting a killer hair poof. The “Jersey Shore” cast is taking the guido culture global and resistance is futile.

DJ Pauly D (Paul Delvecchio) started the process of assimilation when he demonstrated how to get his distinctive hairstyle, the “blowout.” Now, MTV videos show Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino sharing the secrets to their signature styles, as well.

Gals, get your hairspray, a teasing comb and make sure your hair is straightened. Now, take a look below as Snooki demonstrates how to get her hair poof for the guidette-on-the-go. Oh, and despite popular belief, Snooki accomplishes the poof sans Bumpit.

Guys, we know you’ve been admiring “The Situation’s” rock-hard abs (but totally in a straight bro-fascination kinda way, we get it). In the video below, Mike tells you just how to get them. If you want your own “situation” by summer, you better start now. Mike says the process takes about three months. You’re already watching it, aren’t you?

What other secrets from “The Shore” are you dying to know?

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Photo Credit: MTV

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