jersey shore mtv sammi jwoww 'Jersey Shore': The meaning of 'I'm done' plus 9 other lessons from Miami

There’s so much one can learn from one episode of “Jersey Shore.” OK, hear us out. 
They may not have class or common sense or the ability to use complex tools, but they’re still people and we can learn something from them. 
In fact, they remind us many times of ourselves in our early-twenties – working at the wrong job, dating all the wrong people, drinking way too much, partying until the sun comes up and believing that same sun won’t make our skin look like leather in 10 years.
So fine, it’s not exactly your life, but there are still plenty of lessons to be learned from the “Jersey Shore” crew.
Here are 10 things we learned from Thursday’s Sept. 2 episode:
1.) Friends should tell a friend when their off-again-on-again boyfriend is French kissing two girls at one time in the club. (The whole house)

jersey shore mtv vinny snooki 'Jersey Shore': The meaning of 'I'm done' plus 9 other lessons from Miami

2.) An anonymous note may seem to solve the problem of breaking bad news to a friend, but in the end it just creates more questions like, “Who wrote this damn note?” (Snooki, JWOWW, Sammi)
3.) The law of guido attraction: If you try to crawl into bed with each of your male roommates, one of them is bound to let you in. (Snooki)
4.) It’s totally possible to smush with your friend/roommate and not be weird about it the next morning. (Snooki, Vinny)
5.) “I’m done” just means, “Kiss me, you cheating fool.” (Sammi, Ronnie)
6.) The hot tub still works without the grenades powering it. (Mike)

jersey shore mtv mike tranny 'Jersey Shore': The meaning of 'I'm done' plus 9 other lessons from Miami

7.) Fake ice on a crucifix necklace and a spray tan are sure ways to catch a “Little Situation.” (Vinny, Mike’s sister)
8.) A hunger strike is no way to get out of helping to make dinner. (Sammi)
9.) If you have to ask yourself if someone is a tranny, they probably are. (Mike)
10.) Women, too, can grow balls. (JWOWW, Sammi, Mike’s tranny)

What lessons have you learned from “Jersey Shore”?

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