jersey shore mike no smush 'Jersey Shore': It's a dry spell for The Situation and Pauly DOn tonight’s (Oct. 14) “Jersey Shore,” we learn that not every girl Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and DJ Pauly Delvecchio bring home are DTF. 

Some come over for a 5 a.m. checker tournament, while others come to bask in the ambiance for five minutes and leave. 

The series of unfortunate events in this episode begins with the crew’s first night at a new dance club called Space. Within an hour of being there, the “Jersey Shore” cats are kicked out by the bouncers after Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Mike come into conflict with multiple people and make a bit of a scene. As if this wasn’t foreshadowing enough for a disappointing night, it didn’t get any better from there. When “The Situation” and DJ Pauly D snagged two girls on the way out of Space, one turns out to be a buzz kill.
As the rest of the crew set off for the remainder of the night, leaving Mike and Pauly D behind at the house alone with their sultry late night snacks, we quickly learn that Mike’s girl is not exactly there to smush. 
A disappointed situation it was for “The Situation.” “Don’t come over to someone’s house at f**king 5am and expect to play checkers,” Mike exclaimed. 
“I didn’t say anything about checkers, old man,” she fired back.  His girl then proceeded to leave.
Although Pauly D’s girl was DTF, she left with her friend, as well.  Poor Mike and Pauly, they slept alone that night.

jersey shore mike pauly canadian girls 'Jersey Shore': It's a dry spell for The Situation and Pauly D

Part two of the story picks up the very next night at Tantra. Having more game time this night around, Pauly D and Mike managed take home two blond sisters from Canada or “Canadia” as they called it. 
The night was good and the vibe was right. Mike and Pauly D even had the girls’ pajamas picked out. And we know from previous episodes, pajama-sharing only happens for special occasions. These two stallions were ready to finally “get it in.”
Well, turns out Mike got the shorter end of the stick again when his Canadian chick
decides that she is DTG (that’s “down to go”). “I’m being out in like five minutes,” she said. 
“The Situation” then exclaimed, “If you’re going to be out in five minutes, then you need to get out right now then.” 
And Pauly D’s girl, who could have been “DTF” material, leaves with her sister. Deja Vu much? 
The two guidos are not happy campers. Zappers, where did they go wrong?  

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Photo credit: MTV

Posted by:Michael Davis