jersey shore preview 320 'Jersey Shore' Season 2 preview: Road trip!MTV spent most of its red-carpet show at Sunday’s (June 6) Movie Awards hyping the upcoming second season of “Jersey Shore.” There were the staged, cheese-a-rific arrivals, Snooki interviewing (or some approximation thereof) people on the red carpet and endless reminders that we were about to see the epic, world-shaking first 13 minutes of the new season.

Then the preview came and, zzzzzzzzzzz … Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry, dozed off there for a second.

Suffice to say that the teaser deflated the hype like a rough night at the club deflates Snooki’s poof.

The first 13 minutes of “Jersey Shore” Season 2 is pretty much all preamble: After a couple minutes of Season 1 recap, the rest of the preview is a let’s-get-the-band-back-together road trip, with the cast talking to the camera about how awful the winter weather was in the Northeast and making their way south. Pauly D picks up The Situation, Snooki and J-Woww carpool, Vinny and Angelina head down by themselves. We assume Ronnie and Sammi hit the road too — we just don’t see it.

Admittedly, watching Mike and Pauly D get their SUV stuck in the South Carolina mud (after buying a cartful of fireworks) and seeing Snooki discover the delicacy of fried pickles (“It’s like, crunchy, but also juicy”) had us chuckling. And we liked Vinny’s uncle telling him, “Don’t get too much nookie from Snooki.”

But “Jersey Shore” won over its audience with over-the-top craziness. There’s zero of that in the preview. Heck, no one even gets to Miami in the opening 10 minutes. Frankly, after the insanity that was Season 1, we expected more.

Drink in the full preview below.

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Photo credit: MTV

Posted by:Rick Porter