js4 1 'Jersey Shore' Season 4: 'Most insane season' yet, says producer SallyAnn SalsanoGet ready for a shocking season opener. At least that’s the word from “Jersey Shore” producer SallyAnn Salsano, who spoke with Zap2it by phone earlier this week ahead of Thursday’s (Aug. 4) season 4 premiere.

“Season 4 is insane,” says Salsano. ” I think I laughed harder and cried more watching season 4. The drama is through the roof. It’s literally the most insane season we’ve had.”

“I think Thursday night you’re going to see that there are two different story lines that are  going to unfold that no one is going to see coming and they are the two story lines that make this season completely crazy,” says Salsano. “It’s two things you never would have thought would happen happen and it turns everything upside down.”

Well, we already know that the season takes place in Florence, Italy and that during the trip, Snooki manages to crash into a parked police car. What else could possibly be in store? Another series of Ronnie and Sammi break-up/make-ups? Some kind of Situation situation?

Short of the cast’s somehow absorbing actual culture, we’re stumped. Share your predictions below.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson