jersey shore s4 trailer 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 trailer: Sorry, ItalyThe trailer for Season 4 of “Jersey Shore” was loosed upon us Monday night (July 18). The cast is in Italy, where they soak up the centuries-old architecture, marvel at the many cultural monuments, savor the beautiful cuisine …

Oh, who are we kidding: Fists are pumped, fights are staged, drinks are downed, tongues are enjoined in extreme closeup. So, pretty much the usual “Jersey Shore” shenanigans, but in Italy (at least Vinny plays lip service to learning Italian and finding a nice local girl). There’s also some extremely dramatized footage of Snooki’s fender-bender with a cop car.

The show premieres at 10 p.m. ET Thursday, Aug. 4 on MTV. Here’s the trailer:

Posted by:Rick Porter