jersey shore s5 cast 'Jersey Shore' Season 5 finale: Is this the end? Should it be?Truth be told, it’s been a long run for Snooki, The Situation, Sammi Sweetheart, J-WOWW, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie and Deena. Five seasons is a lot to wring out of any docu-reality show and — as Paris Hilton or Bret Michaels could tell you — they tend to get stale.

On Thursday (March 15), MTV airs the fifth season finale of “The Jersey Shore” and the fact is this could be the series finale. Or, rather, should be.

Things have changed. Snooki is pregnant — which might make getting one’s UTI drunk or spending the night in the Smush room kind of awkward and irresponsible from now on for her. Not to mention the fact that Snooks and the rest of the Seaside crew are kind of played out.

But everything that makes — or made — the show irresistible trash TV has either changed or gotten stale to the point of being boring. Even if Snooki weren’t pregnant, we’re tired of her and her lug of a boyfriend, Jianni. Single Snooki who hooked up with Vinny from time to time was way more fun.

And The Situation? Fuggedaboutit. The guy is so irrelevant, he’s spent all of Season 5 threatening to tell Snook’s boyfriend something the guy already knows anyway. Ronnie and Sammi were only fun when they were fighting and that even wore out its welcome two seasons ago. We still love Vinny and Pauly, but with Pauly’s own spinoff show kicking off on March 29, well, who needs “Jersey Shore?”

Not to mention the fact that while viewers will put up with a lot of stupidity — and I include myself in that number — it’s no fun watching a bunch of famous people pretend they’re just average tan shmos working at a boardwalk t-shirt shop and pretending they have to. We’re not that stupid.

There eight million stories in the naked city and probably at least a thousand naked tales in Seaside Heights. So let’s move on.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson