joey fatone jersey shore shark attack 'Jersey Shore Shark Attack' trailer kills boy bander Joey Fatone via 'white finned killer albino shark'If you like “Jersey Shore” and Syfy’s ridiculous, low-budget B-movies starring Z-listers, then prepare for your newest obsession: “Jersey Shore Shark Attack.” It’s the latest in Syfy’s pop culture-mining made-for-TV movies, and it features this line: “There are white-finned killer albino sharks out there.” Do you need to be sold further?

While the premise in and of itself is ridiculous, the best part is that everyone acting in the movie is totally in on the joke, even former ‘NSync member Joey Fatone, who plays himself and gives us the best moment of the trailer.

A poorly CGI’d shark flies through the air and chomps up the former boy bander while he’s onstage somewhere, prompting a news report by Vinny Guadagnino (yes, the actual “Jersey Shore” star) with the line “Joey Fatone has just been eaten by a shark!”

“Jersey Shore Shark Attack” premieres this summer on Syfy.

Posted by:Jean Bentley