In a new sneak peek clip from Thursday’s (March 8) episode of “Jersey Shore,” J-WOWW smells a sneak. The sneak in question this time, though, isn’t The Situation, but Joey — Deena’s shore hook-up.

Apparently the whole gang is not taking to Joey, the first guy Deena’s liked in a while. First Vinny and Pauly have a sit-down talk with her about dumping the dude. We’re sure Meatball no. 2 appreciates Pauly’s (who will smoosh pretty much anything wearing a mini-skirt except Deena) advice. 

It would seem Joey’s fate is sealed, however, when he fails the fake sick call test. To explain: Joey calls for Deena and the roommates tell him she is sick. When he fails to offer to bring her “some soup and a Coke on the side” he is deemed unworthy of her Jersey Turnpiking-attention.

The clip ends with a dressing down from J-WOWW, who lets Joey know she’s on to his game. If you can call “hooking up with some chick to get on TV who knows you’re only hooking up with her to get on TV” a game.

Tune in Thursday at 10 p.m. ET — we’re winding down on this historic season (historic because it marks the last with a childless Snooki).

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson