situation snooki conan 320 'Jersey Shore': Snooki and The Situation make Conan O'Brien one of themConan O’Brien has become a fan of The Situation. Who wouldn’t?

“Jersey Shore’s” Snooki and The Situation visited “The Tonight Show” Tuesday night to capitalize on their rising reality show fame. And when the Irish talk show host meets a true guido and guidette, there’s magic.

First of all, O’Brien became part of the club when The Situation decided to give him Jersey Shore-ish nickname. Check it out:

We gotta give The Situation props for that name. That was inspired.

And remember those stories about Snooki wanting her own reality show? Well, she just up and makes the pitch right there on the “Tonight Show.”

O’Brien, excuse us, we mean The Solution appears to have a crush on The Situation? That really is the Sitch right there.

Whaddya think? Would you watch “Snooking for Love”? *Snicker* How about The Situation doing rap? What’s your guido/guidette name?

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen