snooki 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki's shape up secret? No, it's not a three guido hook up

But maybe you wanna hide your “rolls” like Snooki does on “Jersey Shore?” 
After losing a few el bees on Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet from GNC, Nicole “Snooki” Palozzi has been cheating a bit. 
She’s confirmed that she has been wearing KYMARO’s (upper body shapers) to give her an extra lean look. And it’s definitely working.

KYMARO is a collection of body sculptors and shapers that suck in her
belly and tighten her waist to smooth out the lumps and boost her bumps.


]]>Looking fist-pumpin’ hot, Snooki! We can tell from this Snooki’s Looks gallery that these things work