Mike-Sorrentino-Situation-Grenade-MTV-Jersey-Shore-320.jpgOn this week’s “Jersey Shore,” tensions run high between the roommates, Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship hits some road bumps and it’s no longer safe for guidos on the boardwalk.

Vinny’s conquests
At the end of last week’s episode, Vinny hooked up with some cougar trash bag. Turned out it was their boss and landlord Danny’s date. This week, Vinny was freaked out about the fallout. When he finally got to work, Danny confronted him and did nothing about it. Wah, wah, wah.

Later, Vinny is talking to Mike’s sister on the phone. He asks Mike if she can hang out that night at the club. Later, when she arrives, the whole house is shocked to see that she looks like Mike with a wig on sans “the situation.” Vinny is totally turned off. After a few shots at the club, though, she starts looking pretty good to him. Again, nothing ends up happening. Double wah, wah, wah.

The house vs. Sammi and Ronnie
The roommates are starting to get annoyed by Sammi and Ronnie. While they do go out, they stick to themselves and typically leave early. Snooki thinks they’re wasting good bonding time. A few nights later, she confronts them and they don’t really care what Snooki or the other roomies think.

Sammi vs. Ronnie
One of the nights, after leaving early, Sammi and Ronnie begin fighting in the cab. She calls him stubby (which is kind of right on) and he makes fun of her Flintstone toe. I’m going to take his word on that one. Don’t need to see it. Back at the house, Sammi gets way too dramatic about Ronnie’s remarks about her yabba, dabba toe. Has anyone else realized that Sammi talks like a baby when she’s sad? After apologizing several times to Sammi, Ronnie gives up. He decides to go out creeping with the guys for trash bags. I don’t think he ever really meant to do it. I think he was just trying to push Sammi’s buttons, because he ends up turning around and going back. Sammi, who was convinced Ronnie was going to bring back a trash bag, finally forgives him.

Snooki vs. “The Grenade” and her friend, “The Hippo”
Mike meets up with some girl who he had at the house previously and invites her back. Little does he know that she’s bringing “The Grenade” back and a new friend, “The Hippo.” When Mike tries to enlist Pauly to take “The Grenade” on again, he refuses. Mike then asks Snooki if she’ll throw out the extra trash bags. After Snooki asked the girls to leave, they don’t take it very well. After trading insults, “The Grenade” goes off and “The Hippo” charges poor Snooki. Even the guys can’t handle the grenade blasts and “The Hippo” who’s hungry for a piece of Snooki. Snooki takes a few punches to the face before the police arrive and break up the fight. Snooki blames Mike for getting hit again, because he keeps bringing trash bags around.
I think that’s fair, since he did ask Snooki to get rid of them. After some play fighting, Mike promises Snooki he won’t bring so many trash bags around. That’s going to last about an hour, huh?

Vinny’s big Italian family
Vinny’s family comes to visit and his mother cooks the gang a meal. I can’t believe how many Italians poured through that front door. According to Snooki, Vinny’s mom was a “real” Italian woman like her grandmother, who also never sat down while everyone else ate, then cleaned the mess up only to eat alone at the end. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Italian women who would argue with Snooki about her definition of “real.” Just a hunch.

Ronnie gets into a fist pump
After Snooki told Ronnie and Sammi that they ought to “live it up,” they decided to go home. Earlier at the bar, some guy was heckling the cast while they were drinking. Later while Ronnie and Sammi are walking home, the guy turns up outside and continues to insult them. Ronnie ignores him, but Sammi starts to throw her own insults the guy’s way. Ronnie loses his cool and shoves Sammi, telling her to stop feeding into the guy. She gets annoyed and walks off. The guy then starts egging Ronnie on over pushing a girl. Ronnie goes nuts and charges the guy. I have to hand it to Ronnie. He got some good punches in. The comical part, though, is how Sammi and the guy’s girlfriend tried to pull the guys apart by pulling on the back of their pants, which does virtually nothing.

Later, the guys get break it up when they hear police sirens. On the way home, Ronnie blames Sammi for causing the fight with her insults to the guy. At the house, Sammi turns it around and says she can’t believe that Ronnie pushed her. That basically trumps anything Ronnie had on her and he apologizes to her.

Next week: Atlantic City! Good thing, because Seaside Heights seems over the cast.

Quotable quotes from “The Shore”:

“Gym. Tanning. Laundry. That’s how you make the guidos.” – Vinny (on his male roomies’ daily routine)

“It’s like the Navy Seals. I get sent out first, do a little reconnaissance, bring girls back.” – Mike (on how the guys gather trash bags at the club)

“If I didn’t [care], then I’d go find another creature outside.” – Ronnie (on how much he cares for his creature, Sammi. Awww.)

“Someone needs to teach her how to fight or duck.” – Pauly (on Snooki getting punched again)

“They probably smelled the food.” – Mike (on why “The Grenade” and “The Hippo” ended up coming over)

“Oh my god. [F-bomb] Christmas. – Snooki (on the meal Vinny’s mom made)

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