JWOWW-Situation-Mike-Pauly-Jersey-Shore-MTV-320.jpgIt has become clear to us that Seaside Heights won’t be hosting the inevitable (but still unconfirmed) second season of “Jersey Shore.”

Recently, Sea Isle, NJ residents went nuts when their city was floated as a possible location for season two. An MTV spokesperson quelled the riots by denying that they’re considering the town.

So, the question still stands: Where should season two take place?

MTV location scouts, take note. Zap2it has polled the locals and we’ve come up with some guido-licious choices:

  • Belmar, NJ Population: 6,045

We hear it’s way more trashtastic than Seaside Heights, has plenty of bars and clubs, such as The Headliner and D’Jais. Plus, there are plenty of juicehead guidos already there. Woot!

“Fist pumping guidos and guidettes, all the juiceheads, tanning freaks,” says Regina, a Westbury, NY native who spent her summers at “The Shore.” “Killing it on the dance floor all started in Belmar. Bonus Guidette points: Spitzer squeeze Ashley Dupree is a Belmar local. Top that, Seaside!”

  • Point Pleasant, NJ Population: 19,306

It has more than six times the population of Seaside Heights, which means more fist pumps per square mile. Jenks Nightclub seems to be the area hot spot. Locals say that “weird people” come out for the summer. Perfect!

“Point Pleasant is like the nice version of Seaside,” says Michele, a Middlesex, NJ native. “More families, cleaner, although there is a cheese quality to the night life, of course.”

Seaside Heights also bills itself as the vacation spot for families. See how that turned out? Point Pleasant sounds ripe for the spoiling, huh?

  • Wildwood, NJ Population: 5,436

According to our sources, Wildwood definitely earns its name. Only 30 miles south of Atlantic City, the cast can escape the locals when things get crazy (like they did this season) and creep where nobody knows their name. Oh, and during the summer its population swells to a sweaty 250,000 people. We can already see bumps at the club turning into fist pumps on the boardwalk!

“Wildwood would be a great choice for part two of the ‘Jersey Shore’ freak show,” says Rosalie of Blackwood, NJ. “It’s always active, the beach is jam-packed with young kids, young people from various countries come over specifically to work there in the summer, and it has multiple piers. I used to go there every weekend, so I know of what I speak. Bring it, bitches!”

  • Ortley Beach, NJ Population: 1,594

While Seaside Heights has been immortalized by “Jersey Shore,” Ortley Beach is considered the O.G. “Guido Central.” It was supposedly the location for the YouTube sensation, “Guido Beach.”

Joey Harrison’s Surf Club seems to be its main hot spot. Here’s what one Yelp.com reviewer wrote:  “I can sum it up in two words. Silicon and steroids.” Folks, we believe we have a contender!

*Our sources’ last names have been left out in order to protect them from the inevitable burning crosses in their front yard.

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