jersey shore snooki angelina girl fight 'Jersey Shore': Who won the battle of the guidettes?

In tonight’s (Sept. 30) episode of “Jersey Shore” epic things went down — among them one of the guidettes.
It’s a surprise that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi hasn’t been arrested for indecent exposure. We have seen more of Snooki’s hind side this episode than she has probably seen in her entire life. By the way, Snooks, cute pink thong. Is that Victoria’s Secret? 
At the same time, Angelina Pivarnick has her quirks, too. She’s a “special” character in the house. In two seasons, she has managed to make enemies with every single roomie. Most tend to stray away from drama. Angelina, however, creates it. Tonight’s brawl with Snooki was just another portrayal of Angelina’s track record with her roommates.
If  you recall, Snooki was, let’s say, not in the tanning mood when she found out Angelina had smushed with housemate Vinny Guadagnino after her. 

“I think Angelina loves my sloppy seconds,” Snooki stated in a confessional. “She goes to Vinny and she’s trying to go to what’s-his-name. Like, what are you doing? If you want to make out with me, just ask. I will say yes.”
The drama leading up to the much anticipated cat fight came to a boil when Snooki nonchalantly brought home Angelina’s dude from the club. Honest mistake or Snooki’s vengeful payback to Angelina for sleeping with Vinny? We will leave that for you to decide.

So, both of them go at it in the living room — yelling, cursing, and the whole nine yards. Angelina, unafraid to voice her opinion, then calls out the entire house.
“I don’t give a f**k about anybody in this house,” she screams. “All of you’s in this house are f**king fake. And I want you all to know that I can’t stand any of you’s. Fake motherf***kers, all of you.”
Snooki, known to stick up for her friends in the house, snaps. “Hold my earrings,” she says. Uh oh. Snooki then took her abnormally sized hooped earrings off in milliseconds and pounced on Angelina like a hyena. Through all the hair grabbing, tumbling, and head locks, it is uncertain who won this scrap fest. 
Only two things are confirmed: One, Angelina has officially left the house. And two, Snooki is “still pretty, B***h”
So, readers, who do you think won the Jersey Shore showdown? Snooki or Angelina?

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Posted by:Michael Davis