pauly d project mtv 'Jersey Shore' withdrawal? Pauly D tries to fill the gap tonight“The Pauly D Project” following DJ Pauly D DelVecchio and his posse to Vegas premieres on MTV Thursday (March 29), and Pauly D shares with Zap2it how he’s feeling about his show, the first spinoff from “Jersey Shore.”
“I have never been as excited in my life and I can’t believe my show is going to air this week,” Pauly D tells Zap2it. “It is so crazy.”
It’s a fair question to ask if, sweet as he is, can Pauly D sustain a show on his own.
” ‘Jersey Shore’ was cool, but it only got to show people what Pauly D is like on the ‘Jersey Shore’ with strangers,” he says while driving from his home in Rhode Island to New York. 

“They are not my friends. On my show they can see where I come from. They get to see my family, my friends and they get to see what it is like to be a touring DJ. I still work just as hard, that I can spin just as hard. I am working hard every single day.”

The season premiere chronicles Pauly D’s audition to DJ at the Palms in Las Vegas. The news is well known, at least in circles where GTL (gym, tan laundry) and DTF (down to f***) don’t need to be explained, that he landed this gig in the summer of 2011. The 12-episode show has been in the works for a while.
“What we did was we shot a pilot first that was forever ago,” Pauly D says. “And then it takes a while for it to get picked up.”
In the pilot, we meet his entourage, guys he’s known for years in Rhode Island. There’s Gerald “Big Jerry” Gialanella, his bodyguard. Ryan Labbe, Pauly D’s “social director” and Michael “Biggie” Morgan, his road manager.
They stay in a palatial suite at the Palms, and immediately indulge in what makes Vegas Vegas.
“I love that suite,” Pauly D says “It is humongous. It does not even make any sense.”
IIt’s hard to not like the guy with the easy smile, and engineered hair, who is so genuinely grateful for all that’s come his way since he was selling cars and deejaying on weekends.
But will “Jersey Shore’s” first spinoff attract as many fans as the original? 
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler