Jersey shore jwoww maxim 'Jersey Shore's' JWOWW would 'totally make out' with Megan FoxThere was a moment this week when it looked like JWOWW and the rest of the cast might not be back on the “Jersey Shore“, due to an annoying money dispute. But we’re happy to report on Zap2it‘s News & Buzz From Inside the Box that things are looking up and MTV may open their wallets a little wider.

But you can still get a decent eyeful of JWoww in the August issue of Maxim. Here’s a snippet of what you can read (OK, we know you’re just interested in more photos) about our favorite (Sorry, Snooki) guidette on

]]>Where to find the best guidos: “The Long Island ones are good friends of mine and they’re more extreme in their guido-ness than Jersey ones. Sorry, Jersey!” On high maintenance men:  “I’m a tomboy. It takes me 20 minutes to get ready. I get ready faster than most of the boys on the show. Take pride in how you look, but never, ever take longer than me to get ready.” Worst male fashion flub: “Number one is socks and sandals. Seriously, guys, knock that shit off. Number two, if you wear flip-flops, I don’t need that weird yellow toe sticking out. I don’t mind a semi-metrosexual, especially when it comes to keeping your toes and nails clean and trimmed.” Her secret girl crush: “Megan Fox gives me a tingle. I like her ’cause she knows she’s hot and she’s a bitch about it. I’d totally make out with her.” Now that guys would pay to see. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credits:  Maxim

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead