ronnie jerseyshore 'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie Ortiz Magro releases a single. Kind of.Not one to miss an opportunity to cash in on his 45 minutes of fame, “Jersey Shore” co-star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro (he’s the buff one — not the rehab one or the hair one or the other one) on Wednesday (May 30) released his first single, “How The F*** We Gettin’ Home?!”

A sample of the lyrics:

“Waiting for a night like this, I’ve been waiting for so long. We don’t take it easy, someone take my keys, please. I don’t think I’m able to drive.”

Okay, so that’s a positive message. So far, the track is only available via a Facebook game app, Songster, that allows users to remix the song at will.

“In the Ronnie experience, players visit Ronnie’s shoreside party house and learn from Ronnie how to quickly make a song,” reads a press release. “Song creation is made easy by Songster’s SongGrid technology. Players simply drag and drop the instrumental, drum and vocal loops they want to hear and have a flawless remix in seconds.”

The track also features Jalyn Ducati and Modo, though we have a feeling those aren’t their real names.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson