5 vinny situation 'Jersey Shore's' Vinnie Guadagnino: Snooki is 'like, non human'Vinnie Guadagnino is a nice guy, but he’s also “a regular dude.” Which is why he doesn’t feel bad about pulling a dirty toothbrush prank on “Jersey Shore” roommate Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino or sleeping with roommate Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi when she wasn’t technically split from her boyfriend.

“I was just going with the flow and a girl jumped in my bed and I started hooking up with her, but besides that I don’t really feel bad,” Vinnie tells Zap2it. “I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

We also talked to him about the already-wrapped season 5 (yep, “The Situation” is still there), his upcoming guest-starring role on “90210” (he plays a celebrity), why he likens himself to 16th president Abraham Lincoln and Snooki’s amazing capacity to consume alcohol.

In last week’s episode, you and Pauly pulled a little gag (no pun intended!) on The Situation — who seems to be the odd man out at this point — with the whole hairy toothbrush situation. You seem like a really nice guy and that doesn’t seem like something a nice guy would do, even to Mike. Do you feel bad?

Well, I am a nice guy, thank you, but at the same time I am a regular dude. I’m not a saint, I’m not an angel. I never said I was. At the time we just thought it was disgusting that anyone would leave their toothbrush hanging around like that and my toothbrush stays locked up in a case, but his was just laying around and then he used it and it was just too good of a moment to spoil, so we didn’t say anything.

So you’ve already finished taping season 5 — Mike is there, right?

Yeah, Mike goes through. It’s very hard to balance what you see on the show with what you see in the media. We all go through our times when we want to leave — but if you look at paparazzi pictures, we’re always all there.

Let’s talk about Nicole and Deena: Does Team Meatball have a drinking problem? Do you worry about them?

I do worry and I lent my support to them whenever I could. Especially to Deena because Deena doesn’t handle it as well. You know, she’s a very sweet girl — she’s one of my very good friends. Sometimes she’s like “Oh my god, I feel crazy today.” And I’m like, “Deena, look what you just did for the past two days.” I have to kind of snap her out of it a little bit. Snooki, on the other hand, is like non-human. She can just drink and nothing happens to her. Snooki’s a breed of her own.

I think what happens is you’re on the show, there’s nothing else to do — we drink and then you kind of realize sometimes I have to take a break, it’s been too much.

So you taped a guest appearance on “90210” — how was that?

It was amazing. Acting is what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. Whether it be playing in plays, or whatever. I can’t believe people get paid for it and for that week that I filmed “90210” and past roles that I’ve done, like “R.J. Berger,” it’s just an amazing feeling of being at work for that week. Like waking up and going in and getting my makeup done and getting wardrobe, rehearsing my lines — that’s what I want to do the rest of my life.

Can you share your character’s name on “90210”?

I think it’s just “celebrity.” I play like this celebrity that the cast runs into and I’m like The Man on that episode. You know like when a bunch of kids go to Vegas and they meet a celebrity? I just play a celeb who shows them like the ropes of the world a little bit.

Are you dating anyone now?

Nah? I mean like every once in a while I try to find girls that I’m interested in, but I’m really picky and you know there’s nobody really that I’m interested in like that. My options are always open. I’ve kind of calmed down on the partying a little bit. I’d be willing to meet a nice girl.

You and Snooki kind of hooked up in Florence — watching that now, do you feel bad for Gianni? Where do things stand with you and Snooki?

No, I really don’t feel that bad for him because I don’t know the kid. If I knew him I’d feel bad. She told me she was single at that time and that’s the girl’s fault. It’s really not my fault. I was just going with the flow and a girl jumped in my bed and I started hooking up with her, but besides that I don’t really feel bad. I don’t think I did anything wrong.

Any talk of a season 6 yet?

No, we never really know to the last minute what we’re doing. They never tell us until like a month before, hey guys be ready — we haven’t gotten that call yet.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline?

Acting wise, I’m just going to keep on training and trying to get as many auditions and little guest roles as I can. We’re in talks for another episode of “90210.”

What’s with the Abraham Lincoln background pic on your Twitter page?

Oh wow, no one’s ever asked me that. I was a political science major and Abraham Lincoln was my favorite president. I’m also kind of a goofball and you know how you go to celebrities’ pages and they have like modeling pictures of them in high definition? I’m not like that. I’d rather have someone I care about from history. Abe’s a cool dude and I relate to him in some ways. He’s cool. I read his book.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson