jersey shore vinny 'Jersey Shore's' Vinny Guadagnino: Keeping it fresh to deathFans of the runaway MTV reality hit “Jersey Shore” may be surprised to learn that there’s more to Vinny Guadagnino than GTL and MVP. In fact, the New York native is a graduate of the CUNY College of Staten Island and was headed to law school when MTV came calling.

He’s also not coasting on his new-found fame. Instead, Vinny’s got his eye on the future and is busy taking acting and improv classes.

We talked to Vinny on Wednesday (Sept. 6) about “Jersey Shore,” his personal style, what he finds attractive in a woman (hint: it isn’t under 5 feet and covered in leopard print) and, of course, his back-to-school tips.

Are you the only cast member of “Jersey Shore” cast that went to college?

“Umm, I think no — I think Jenni went to school. I think Mike might have an associate’s degree and I think that’s it. I think I’m the freshest out of the bunch. I’m 23, so they’re older than me and they went to school a long time ago. I was about to go into law school and then I did this, so I was pretty much fresh out of college.”

So, what’s your top back-to-school tip for guys?

“No. 1 back to school tip is to, of course, stay fresh to death as we do on the “Jersey Shore.” I just think that when you go to school you kind of fall off a little bit maybe, especially when you go back to college, so it’s important to — if you have to, even get your own DIY clippers — like Philips Norelco sells (that I teamed up with). Stay fresh for the ladies. Be confident and go to school every day kicking a–.”

Are you still planning to go to law school or are you sold on the whole show business thing now?

“I love show business. I love acting and I feel like acting and being a lawyer go hand-in-hand because you can kind of perform in a way. So, but acting is no. 1. If I can do that forever  — I can’t believe people even get paid for it. But at the same time, for me to be sane, I love learning about things so I’ll probably be going to school till the day I die. So I see myself getting something beyond my bachelor’s eventually.”

What acting opportunities are you pursuing — besides that cameo on MTV’s “The Hard Times of RJ Berger?”

“Well right now I’m taking some classes and then I was on a show called ‘”Disaster Date’ that was like an improv show which was awesome. ‘Jersey Shore’ has afforded me some opportunities to work with like different talk shows like Jimmy Fallon and George Lopez where I’m constantly acting and building up my resume. Besides just taking my classes, I have a lot of little projects rolling in.”

You advise guys to keep it classy and subtle. Should women follow the same advice?

“Uhhhh… yes. I’m a big advocate of that. Some aren’t — especially the kind of girls I hang around. They’re kind of loud, if you will. But, no, I love it when a girl can be like sexy and not revealing anything. Maybe wearing a big baggy T-shirt off the shoulder and make-up that you can’t even tell she’s wearing it.”

But that’s like the total opposite of Snooki and Deena and Jenni, right?

“Yeah, that’s why you really don’t see me getting with them too often.”

So Vinny and Snooki — that whole flirtation is totally over?

“Yeah, plus that happens when there’s too many lonely nights in the house jammed up together.”

“Jersey Shore” airs on MTV Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson