tracy dimarco jerseylicious 'Jerseylicious' Season 3: Tracy DiMarco calls Olivia and Mikey 'Perfectly Disgusting'The Style Network’s No. 1 series, “Jerseylicious” is returning full throttle on Sunday (May 15) with all the glitz, glam and Jersey drama fans have come to love.

]]>Zap2it caught up with stylist and New Jersey’s self proclaimed Queen of Mean, Tracy DiMarco about what we can expect from the coming season, which the girls are still in the midst of filming. Coming back from the electric two part reunion special hosted by Vivica A. Fox (the second half airs May 15th), we meet Christy’s new baby girl and get caught up on the breakup between Gigi and Frankie, as well as Tracy and Jay. Next, we witness Mikey and Olivia’s very first “I Love You” exchange, and the rivalry between Gayle and Alexa comes to a head. It’s going to be a long season. “We broke up while filming was between Season 2 and 3, and I didn’t want him to be on 3,” Tracy explains of her ex’s disappearance from the show. “I didn’t want the drama of having to deal with an ex-boyfriend on the show, so I cut off ties with him I don’t really speak to him ever.” Continuing, “I don’t mind being single. Gigi is single right now and she’s struggling with that so we’re kind of doing that together.” Unfortunately, there is one ex-boyfriend that Tracy will be dealing with on the show no matter what. Nemesis Olivia is getting serious with Mikey, Tracy’s ex. But don’t worry, Tracy is totally happy for them. “Olivia’s with Mikey and I’m happy for them because I think they’re both really toxic people and they belong together,” she slams. “They’re the perfectly disgusting couple. As long as they make each other and leave me the f*** alone I think it’s really good. It doesn’t happen like that though.” Well, of course it doesn’t. “[Mikey] attacked me at a club,” she says. “You’ll see how he talked to me for two years. The way he speaks to me at the club is the way he’s spoken to me for two years when I was in a relationship with him. So don’t let Olivia tell you she’s dating this amazing guy because he’s a piece of s*** and everyone will see that.” While Tracy confirms that she’ll never be friends with Olivia, the girls are forced to be civil for the sake of their jobs at the Gatsby. “We’re doing ambush makeovers. It’s a new division of the Gatsby that we’re working on, and me and Olivia are actually running it together,” she explains. “It’s not going as well as we planned but we’re trying. We fight about the stupidest thing but we’re trying to get through it just for the sake of making money for the Gatsby.” While Tracy remains focused on her career, she hints that there may be a new man on the horizon of her storyline. “There may or may not be someone in my life right now,” she teases. “I mean, I can’t really say, you guys have to keep watching to find out. I’m definitely looking for somebody so we’ll see how that goes.” We think we know where this is going. For more on our interview with Tracy, click over to Pop2it and be sure to tune in to the explosive Season 3 premiere of “Jerseylicious” on Sunday May 15th at 8 PM.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci