tracy dimarco jerseylicious 'Jerseylicious' star Tracy DiMarco slams 'Jersey Shore': 'Jersey doesn't want them!'New Jersey’s Queen of Mean has spoken and she wants “Jersey Shore” out!

]]>Zap2it talked Garden State gossip with “Jerseylicious” star Tracy DiMarco, who has trash talked her way into the hearts of fans over the past two seasons of the Style reality show. DiMarco holds nothing back when we ask her about the spotlight on Jersey and what she thinks of the “situation” down at the shore. “I’m friends with Pauly [Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio], so I try to watch it once in a while but I’m not the biggest fan of it,” she admits. “I think it’s kind of trashy and it’s hard for me to watch sometimes because it gives Jersey such a bad name. It’s because they’re not even from Jersey, so I get kind of offended by it.” The glam Jersey girl is quick to call the cast members “really big trash bags,” except for new found friend Pauly and Deena Cortese, whom she’s known for years. “I’ve known Deena for forever. I can’t say anything bad about [her],” DiMarco says, before quickly finding a loophole. “I definitely think she’s crazy. There’s something definitely missing upstairs — like a couple light bulbs upstairs are not on. But other than that, I think she’s a really nice girl.” Like the rest of us here at Zap2it, DiMarco doesn’t expect the Italy excursion to make for good TV after the strict guidelines set in place by the mayor of Florence. The cast has been restricted from drinking in public while filming, and the city is not to be portrayed as a partying place. “I just think that Italy doesn’t want them and I mean no offense, but Jersey doesn’t want them either,” the 23-year-old slams. “They make it seem like they live here or something, they don’t. They just come here and party for two months and then they go home, but they act like they own it.” A true Jersey girl, DiMarco enlightens us on why her culture is suddenly appealing to the masses, despite her distaste for these “Shore” impostors. “I think Jersey’s amazing,” she gushes. “People are starting to realize that we’re really genuine people and we’re just a lot of fun. We’re different because we don’t give a f*** what people think about our clothes, or the way we dress, or the way we look.” Adding, “I think they kind of envy how much confidence we all have… We’re kind of raw about everything that we do.” So… remember that time DiMarco spit in co-star/worker Olivia Sharpe‘s face? Well, look forward to even more cat fights when Season 3 of “Jerseylicious” returns. DiMarco gave us some great dirt on what to expect, which we will share with you all very soon. You can watch the Vivica A. Fox hosted reunion special when it airs on Style Sunday May 8th at 8 PM. DiMarco tells us, “It was insane… If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed that it actually happened.” We can’t wait.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci