It is entirely possible that Paris Hilton‘s latest musical effort, “Drunk Text,” is already not meant to be taken seriously. But in case it isn’t, former beauty queen Jesinta Campbell has released her own video version of it which is most definitely meant to be a parody.

While Hilton’s ditty focuses on clubbing and sexting, Campbell is all about the proper preparation of “Sexy Eggs.”

jesinta campbell miss universe national costume 2010 gi Jesinta Campbell: Miss Universe Australia parodies Paris Hilton's 'Drunk Text'Campbell is no stranger to attention grabbing. In 2010, when representing Australia in the Miss Universe pageant, her national costume — a bathing suit with colorful ruffled skirt, sheepskin shrug and high-heeled Ugg boots — was deemed by her homeland to be a “national joke.”

It also came under fire from PETA for including Australian wool from mulesed sheep. The animal rights group claims the process of mulesing is painful and cruel to the animals.

Campbell later claimed that other contestants tried to sabotage her by sticking pins into the back of her costume.

She still came in third for the Miss Universe title and since then has appeared on Australia’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” dated several Aussie celebs and worked as an entertainment show presenter.

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