jesse james chops pinky facebook Jesse James chops off pinky and shares disgusting photos

Jesse James isn’t exactly known for his wise decisions. After all, he’s the guy who cheated on his wife Sandra Bullock, dressed as Hitler for fun, then cheated his fiancee Kat Von D with an astonishing 19 women, by Von D’s count. There was also that sexual harassment lawsuit in 2007.
This time, James himself was the biggest victim of a mistake he made. While working on a new fender, CNN reports James accidentally sliced off the tip of his pinky finger. His glove brushed a machine, taking off part of the digit.
What’s a guy to do when that happens? Tweet about it, naturally. So that’s what James did with messages like, “Bad day at the office.” Of course, he couldn’t leave it at just that, so James also attached photos of the severed finger. That’s right, photos, plural. One with just his hand, sans pinky, while another shows the detached fingertip. Thanks a lot for those images being burned into the brain forever, Jesse.
Sadly, the pinky finger could not be saved. That didn’t stop James from getting right back to work, though.

The photos can be viewed on James’ Instagram page. Warning: They are very gruesome and contain a severed finger. You can see CNN’s report, which censors the images, below:

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