jesse james michelle bombshell nazi Jesse James, Michelle Bombshell McGee: Nazi lovers?Most mothers use block kitchen magnets to leave sweet messages for their kids like LOVE or PEACE or DO YOUR HOMEWORK. 

Jesse James‘ alleged mistress Michelle McGee spelled out “Go whitepower’ on her fridge. And TMZ has the photo to prove it.

But everyone following this scandal is now wondering if her neo-Nazi sentiments are something else (besides tatts) she has in common with Jesse.
]]>TMZ reports that a woman is trying to sell a photo of Jesse wearing a Nazi cap (like the one Michelle wears in her Nazi-themed photo shoot). He is allegedly giving the Sieg Hiel salute and holding two fingers on his upper lip to simulate Hitler’s moustache. The photo was taken (literally) from a friend and coworker of Jesse’s and he doesn’t know this woman is selling it. Yet. Given the interest in Michelle and Jesse’s affair, it probably won’t be long before someone coughs up some bucks for this photo. Then Jesse can probably bend over and kiss his entertainment career goodbye. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz.
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Photo credits: Michelle McGee’s website, Getty Images

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