sandra bullock jesse james in background Jesse James' mistress No. 5, Sandra Bullock has penchant for bad boys?Just like pro golfer Tiger Woods, motorcycle magnate Jesse James was a busy, busy man. It’s a miracle he found time for work with all the time and money he spent on love (or something like it).

Jesse’s Girls included two strippers and a photog/fetish model. Another one hired attorney to ‘the other women’ Gloria Allred but decided not to come forward. Now mistress No. 5 has reportedly been found. And she wasn’t just a fling. This was true love. Obsessive but true.

]]> good friend tells RadarOnline of the mistress who wishes to remain unidentified. “If he couldn’t get a hold of her for some reason he’d go over to her house looking for her,” the source said.  “She got kind of scared of him and broke it off.” He knew where her house was because because he got it and paid the rent. Neighbors in his Long Beach, California neighborhood were aware he was fooling around. “Everybody knew what a dog he was. We always felt bad for Sandra,” one told Radaronline. Never a site to leave a stone unturned, Radaronline also talked with David “Shark” Fralick, who dated Sandra when she was a fledgling actress. He says Sandra was attracted to bad boys (like him) because she came from a strict upbringing.  Naturally he shares loving memories of their time bartending together in New York and offers her advice  and solace on video. He even suggests she call him if she needs anything. Yeah, right. That’s gonna happen. Mistresses and old boyfriends. You gotta love ’em. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Jesse James, Sandra Bullock dish Sandra Bullock first post-scandal comment: ‘There is no sex tape’ with Jesse James
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