The Web rumors about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel breaking up are running rampant. Several celebrity blogs are reporting that he broke up with her a month ago. On the phone! And that he's dating Rihanna?


All I know is that I saw Justin and Jessica having brunch on the terrace of the Stone House restaurant at San Ysidro Ranch on Sunday.

$49 per person, prix fixe, including mimosa and champagne. I heartily recommend the cheese-and-spinach frittata.

Both stars were dressed casually and sat at a shady table under an umbrella in a far corner of the outdoor patio.

And no, I didn't follow them when they left the restaurant — Justin's arm around her waist/back — to see if they went back to one of the hotel's luxurious cottages or took off in a car. 

What do you think this is, the National Enquirer? Don't answer that.

But truthfully, I kind of assume they were staying there. Everyone else on the terrace was. So call it a hunch. 

The big question is, were they having a romantic weekend together or was this the quiet weekend they set aside to have "the talk"?

What do you think? 

Photos credits: Getty Images, Star magazine.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead