Some celebrities try to save whales. Others help dolphins and chickens and helpless dogs bred in puppy mills.

Some stars go all out for baby seals and polar bears.

But Jessica Alba loves those cute and cuddly great white sharks.

]]>Check out  the actress seen having a good old time tagging downtown Oklahoma City, Okla., with posters asking for awareness and support for the endangered great white. Then the posters were published on a website for all to see.

Woo-hoo! Good times in OKC!

Wonder if Animal Planet was besieged with calls from Oklahoma City about a new edition of “Shark Week”?

Alba not only slapped these posters around town, she smothered an electric box, a bridge and a United Way billboard with them.

She reportedly may have to pay United Way to replace the billboard.

TMZ says an investigation is underway. Um, just show them the photos….

Expect some lame apology from Alba — who starred in “Into the Blue” — very very soon.

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