jessica sanchez judges save Jessica Sanchez on her 'American Idol' fame and choosing her Top 7 songJessica Sanchez got a huge shock when she was saved by the judges on the “American Idol” Top 7 results show — but the day before, Sanchez told Zap2it that she was confident in her performance of Jazmine Sullivan‘s “Stuttering.”

“I feel good! The reason I wanted to do that song is because I love the artist, and I don’t think she gets recognized enough,” she says.

Her positive experience during the performance show made the fact that she got the lowest amount of votes all the more shocking. The feedback from Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler was all good, something she felt great about at the time. “I love the song, so I’m glad they all loved it too.”

Top 7 mentor Akon even said during Sanchez’s mentoring session that she’d stood out to him from the beginning of the season, and she was his favorite in the competition. “That felt amazing, I mean, I was there when he said that and it was just mind-boggling,” she says of his compliments. “Hearing that from such a big artist is amazing and I am very grateful.”

When Zap2it asked Sanchez whether she thought the judges would use their save during Top 7 week, she told us she hoped they did. “I hope so,” she says. “I hope [they use it] for anybody!” Luckily, they used it — and she was the recipient.

While Sanchez is sticking around at least one more week thanks to the save, after her “Idol” journey is done she hopes to make music in the style of Sullivan. “It was so easy [picking a song this week]. It was a piece of cake, because this is more my genre. This is what I want to be when I break away from ‘Idol.’ This is the kind of music I want to do and make an album of. It was kind of like snapping my fingers!”

Although most of Sanchez’s days are spent hustling nonstop to all of her “Idol” obligations, she did recently get a day off. “I went home to San Diego and spent Easter with my family,” she shares. “It was so much fun. There were some people that noticed me, and I, like, scurried away because — I don’t know, it’s just weird when people notice me because I feel, like, awkward and ‘Oh, thank you so much.’ It has happened in the past, but not as much as it did when I went back. I feel like I’m in a different position, because I don’t feel normal anymore. It’s kind of crazy.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley