jessica sanchez american idol finale Jessica Sanchez performs new song 'Fairytale'Colton Dixon has been performing an original song called “Never Gone” during the “American Idol” Season 11 summer tour, but now it’s runner-up Jessica Sanchez‘s turn to debut new material. The singer performed her new song “Fairytale” at a concert in New York
on August 29, giving us a sneak peek at what her new album with Interscope Records will sound like.

By the way, the Interscope deal is now official — Sanchez told the crowd that she officially signed her contract.

So, what exactly will it sound like? In a word (or two): radio-friendly. “Fairytale” is totally something that could make your favorite Top 40 station’s rotation. In fact, you might find yourself listening once or three times (not that we’ve done that or anything).

When Zap2it met up with Sanchez before the “Idols Live” summer tour, she said she was hoping to record songs for her future album that are a little more urban and poppier than the ones she performed on the show.

“What I did on the show was more competition mode. It was to show my vocals — ‘let’s sing some Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.’ Now it’s like, ‘I’m Jessica Sanchez and I have to do me,'” she says. “It’s more of the urban, Rihanna kind of feel and the R&B kind of stuff. A little bit of pop. It’s just a big mixture of stuff, so it’s exciting.”

Check out the song below and let us know what you think in the comments:

Posted by:Jean Bentley