JessicasimpsonJessica Simpsons BFF (best follicle friend) Ken Paves had his face cut by a camera during a crazy paparazzi crush outside Madeo late Saturday night.

According to TMZ, Jess’ mane man was leading his  star client out of the restaurant, when the cameramen closed in.

They even have a photo of the bloody incident.

One guy hit Ken near his eye with a part of a camera. Blood trickling down his face, Ken still managed to get Jess inside their waiting ride.

What a guy won’t do for the star who endorses his hair extension line.

Their driver then whisked the group to a nearby hospital, presumably Cedars-Sinai, which is literally two minutes away, where Jessica Simpson went inside with him.

A head cut can bleed like all scary get-out.

Let’s hope it wasn’t a serious injury and that Ken’s gonna be fine.

Next time, Jess should get a bigger bodyguard.

Ken isn’t big enough to keep those pappers at bay!

Dude should be getting combat pay for last night.

Photo: Ken and Jess leaving a BH restaurant in August. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead