Jessicasimpsonfat Is Jessica Simpson upset about all those "fat" cracks?

To hear the fans from Jessica Simpson’s Grand Rapids, Mich., concert on Feb. 6 tell it, she was having an emotional breakdown right up onstage.

Audience members talked to a local radio station after the concert, describing how Simpson kept breaking down, saying she could not do it, talking about wanting to walk off stage and crying during and after songs.

According to, where the audio call-in clip is posted, the official statement is that Jessica was not feeling well, her voice was off and she cried as she left the stage.

But one fan said, she was "definitely drinking something."

Another fan complained about the overpowering body odor.

No, not Jessica’s. It emanated from the woman sitting next to the caller.

Thank goodness.

On the upside, one female fan said Jessica Simpson is definitely NOT fat.

"She looked great," the caller said.

Maybe that’ll cheer Jess up. Cause maybe she’s still upset about all those fat cracks after she performed in Pembroke PInes, Fla., wearing ill-advised side-pocket, high-waisted jeans, a double-wide leopard print belt and a tank top.

Click here to hear the fans complain!

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Photo: Jessica Simpson performing in Pembroke Pines, Fla. WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead