Jessica Simpson was actually covered up in a loose, black cotton shirtdress at the "Hands of God" Nike party at the Cannes Film Festival last night. Perhaps she wanted to look like a more serious actress than say, Pamela Anderson, who arrived at the fest today to support an actual film, "Blonde and Blonder" and drove the paparrazzi nuts by posing for just a few minutes in a hot pink, low-cut mini-dress. Latest news is they actually booed her!

Jessica’s faithful hairdresser Ken Paves and – for a change – her mom Tina are there partying right along with her. No sign of Papa Joe. Hmm.  Maybe Dad thought she’d do better with all those creepy leathery-looking, silver-haired Euro trash "producers" at Cannes if her father wasn’t in the picture.

I’ll stop writing about Jessica soon. I promise. But it’s just so bizarre for this wannabe actress to be hanging out in Cannes with her movie "Major Movie Star," when films that screen can go on to be nominated for OSCARS, for cryin’ out loud. I can’t wait to see what comes – or doesn’t come – of all her party positioning.

Photo Credits: Eeuuww. This guy smells worse than Dad.  And what’s with the towel on his shoulder? Is it to wipe up his drool?  Mom, help, get him off me! Or just get me another glass of champagne. Oh, Ken, you little pixie, you. Stop tickling me!


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead