A Nick Lachey-less Jessica Simpson flew solo to the 32nd Annual People’s Choice Awards Tuesday night.

Opening the awards show, Simpson was lowered on a small platform from the ceiling down to the stage of the Shrine Auditorium.

Wearing a short red-and-black honky-tonk barmaid costume, Simpson belted out “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” as she pouted and pranced around, shimmying like Shakira and kicking around the slew of cowboy dancers, who looked like they’d be great in a musical version of "Brokeback Mountain."

Simpson seemed to impart real depth and true meaning to the award-winning song’s threatening lyrics, “The boots are gonna walk all over you!”

But she looked less than thrilled at comedian George Lopez‘s cheap shot, er, joke about her soon-to-be-ex hubby.

Presenting the best song award to Simpson, the comedian cracked,  "The producers want to apologize to Nick Lachey," he said, "who could not be here because they didn’t need any more seat fillers."

Hey, the truth hurts.

But don’t feel too sorry for Nick, who doesn’t have to go these silly public outings anymore and who’ll no doubt rake in some major dough from their short-lived marriage/partnership. And don’t cry for Jess, either. Poppa Joe Simpson was by her side backstage, protecting his daughter from any annoying reporter questions about her impending divorce or Lopez’s painfully funny barb.

Photo Credit: Take that, Nick! Newly separated Jessica Simpson comes on strong during her solo act at the People’s Choice Awards
(Michael Caulfield/WireImage)

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