jesus dolls gi 'Jesus Discovery': Has Jesus' tomb been found?A new book that is already selling at a fast clip online claims that the tomb of Jesus has been located underneath Jerusalem.

“The new discovery increases the likelihood that the ‘Jesus Family Tomb’ is, indeed, the real tomb of Jesus of Nazareth,” claims the publisher in its Amazon description of “The Jesus Discovery.”

The two tombs were reportedly found beneath a condominium complex and, avers the book, can be “directly connected to Jesus’ first followers, those who knew him personally, and to Jesus himself.”

Not everyone is convinced the evidence, supposedly unearthed by archaeologist James Tabor and filmmaker Simcha Jacovici, is legit.

“In my assessment, there’s zero percent chance that their theory is correct,” Andrew Vaughn, executive director of the American Schools of Oriental Research, tells MSNBC.

If true, the findings would contradict the commonly-held Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead, leaving no tomb or bones behind.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson