jesus luz3 Jesus Luz drops his pants, but won't discuss Madonna. Bor ing.
Madonna‘s boy toy — Jesus Luz  — not only has sacrilegious underwear billboards in Brazil. He also landed a major sexy spread in Interview magazine, for no other reason than the fact that he’s bedding the rich and famous superstar cougar.
So naturally, any questions about Madonna were off limits.

What? Are they joking? We tried but we really can’t recommend reading the interview unless you enjoy fascinating details like this:


“My father [gave me] my name because he always admired Jesus Christ as the most philosophical mind of all time. So, when he named me, in his heart and his head, he made a deal, like, ‘I’m going to name you Jesus so everything good in life is going to come to you because they’re going to make the homage to Jesus.’ It’s a very special name. My name is ‘Luz,’ too, which means ‘light.’ So I feel like if I have this name that’s so special, I should attract good energy.”
But the photos we recommend heartily. They’re far more revealing than the interview. Don’t speak, Jesus. No need to speak.
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Photo credit: Interview magazine

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead