If you’ve ever felt like music was the sound track for a particular moment of your life, wait until you see/hear what happened to Canadian air force Captain Brian Bews.

While practicing for the Albert International Air Show 2010 on Saturday (July 24), Bews tried a maneuver called a High Alpha pass.  Bystanders watched in horror as his plane banked and Bews ejected split seconds before the plane hit the ground and burst into flames.

]]> dragged unconscious along the ground, he  was reportedly released from the hospital with only minor “bumps and bruises.” On an up note, it’s extremely doubtful that any pilot will ever top Bews’ death-defying air show stunt. Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Video credit: YouTube

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead