Courteneycox I like what ABC is doing. I really do. They’ve picked up 10 scripted series and I think I’ll give every single one a look-see.

Read up on what they’ve got planned and let me know your thoughts…

“Cougar Town”: Courteney Cox is playing a middle-aged mom/divorcee who starts dating again. Dan Byrd from ‘Aliens In America’ has been cast as her kid. Busy Phillipps is her best friend. Scrubs’ Bill Lawrence is the E.P. I’m in.

Tinamajorino “The Deep End”: Remember Jack from “Jack and Bobby”? And Mac from “Veronica Mars”? Or maybe you know her as Heather Tuttle on “Big Love”? Well, anyway, that chick and that dude play young law school grads who become first year associates at a major Los Angeles firm. Yeah, sure, I’ll give that a shot.

“Eastwick”: Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price and Sara Rue star in this drama about a mysterious dude who moves to small town and stirs up weird powers in a few ladies. I like.

Johncho “Flash Forward”: ABC is hoping this show, about a black out which gives everyone a two-minute preview of their future, is their next “Lost” in terms of obsessive fans. Penny from “Lost” is in it, plus Joseph Fiennes (the “Shakespeare in Love” guy), John Cho (Harold of “Harold & Kumar”) and Courtney B. Vance (Angela Bassett‘s husband on “ER” …and in real life). I think it’ll be super confusing with lots of long-running plotlines, but potentially phenomenal too. TBD. 

“The Forgotten”: A bunch of amateur detectives solve cases the cops have abandoned. Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler on “24”) is in it, but I don’t know, isn’t “Cold Case” still on the air? That show has 80s music!

Kelseygrammer “Hank”: Kelsey Grammer is at it again. I guess the guy just really likes to work, God bless him. He’s playing a big time corporate exec who loses his job and suddenly has to hang out with his family… whom he barely knows. Probably wouldn’t be real into this, but because I know and love all things Frasier Crane, I cross my fingers and hope “Hank” is worthy of K.G.’s talents. 

 “Happy Town”: The dudes from “Life on Mars” and “October Road” are producing this drama which takes place in a small Midwestern town where a series of unsolved kidnappings and a new crime cause the unraveling of a lot of secrets. E.P. Josh Appelbaum told me it has a “Twin Peaks”-type vibe. And that’s all I needed to hear.

Patriciaheaton “The Middle”: Debra Barone married the Janitor from “Scrubs”? Yep, Kelsey Grammer isn’t the only rich sitcom actor who’s still at it. Patricia Heaton plays — huge stretch — a mom in this comedy. Neil Flynn is her husband. They’ve got three kids. They live in Indiana. They have every day struggles. Sounds old school to me. Sweet. Didn’t stick with the FOX show she and Kelsey did, but you know, maybe the writing on this one will be great.

“Modern Family”: Three households… one with the traditional set up, one with a step mom, one with two dads. Ed O’Neill aka Al Bundy stars with Sofia Vergara and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “The Class.” Looking forward to this.

Scottwolf “V”: “Lost”‘s Elizabeth Mitchell is in this remake of the 1980s series about aliens moving in on Earth. I’m not into the extraterrestrial thing, but I guess I’ll watch the pilot because my boyfriend Scott Wolf costars… also because it’s kind of my job.

But will you?

Let’s discuss…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh