the biggest loser jillian michaels on quitting show motherhood getty Jillian Michaels is adopting a child, reaches out to fans for supportJillian Michaels, known to millions as the trainer from “The Biggest Loser,” was criticized a while back when she told  Women’s Health magazine she wouldn’t get pregnant because she couldn’t “handle doing that” to her body.

A few months later, Michaels opened up about her inability to conceive in an
interview with The New York Times. “The reality is that I have
endometriosis. I’ve had the X-rays, my tubes are closed, the uterine
lining is too thick, blah, blah, blah.”

Now, Michaels is reaching out to her fans to open up about a personal issue: She is in the process of adopting a child.

Michaels took to her Facebook to reach out to her fans for inspiration and advice. “I have a favor to ask. I’m going through the adoption process. I’m having moments of wanting to bash my head into the wall out of frustration, she writes. “A friend suggested that all this is helping to prepare me for motherhood. Wondering if any moms out there can share a personal story here of struggle & triumph to offer inspiration.”

Stories and words of inspiration poured in (almost 2,000 comments were left) leading Michaels to respond, “Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me. I read them on my flight home in tears practically the whole time. Touching, poignant, inspirational. I am grateful for you all.”

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