Overweight individuals in need of negative reinforcement will have to find a new TV trainer. Jillian Michaels is leaving “The Biggest Loser.”

Known for her somewhat aggressive methods, Michaels has been a mentor on the series since it premiered in 2004. And though she did briefly depart in 2006, this time it seems to be permanent.

“”Season 11 of ‘Biggest Loser’ will be my last 🙂 have to finish out my contract,” Michaels tweets to fans.

And though NBC has yet to comment on her departure, she’s continued to elaborate on the subject, saying that she wants to focus on her personal life and maybe even start a family.

“I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work,” she says. “Shooting ‘Losing It’ also had big impact on me. Living with kids I saw firsthand what I was missing.”

But for all the surly fitness experts who think they might be a good Yang to Bob Harper‘s docile Yin, you might be out of luck. Michaels tells E! that her replacement is already on board, and she’ll be there to pass the torch during her upcoming final season.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell