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The back-and-forth responses issuing from Jim Carrey’s anti-gun “Cold Dead Hand” video just keep on coming. The most recent response is a serious editorial published by the comedian in the Huffington Post. Will this be the end of the ongoing gun-control feud?

Probably not. But it is an interesting turn of events.

In Carrey’s most recent entry into the argument, “I Never Wanted to Take Your Guns Away,” the actor tones down his comedic rhetoric in favor of an emotional explanation of his position. The piece does the important work of explaining Carrey’s full opinion on the issue:

“For those who say I’m a hypocrite because I have an armed bodyguard, let’s make one thing clear: No one in my employ is allowed to carry a large magazine and NO ONE IS ASKING ANYONE TO GIVE UP THEIR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, though it is in the vested interests of those who profit by gun sales to make it seem so. It’s just the type of arms, the easy access and the means with which to cause massive devastation to good and innocent people that I hope we can limit.”

Carrey goes on to plead in favor of compassion for differences of opinion and for victims of gun violence. The end of the article is a list of the 100 members of the current US Senate.

The entry of Jim Carrey into the gun debate came with a Funny or Die video released on Monday, March 25. In that video, Carrey and a costumed backup band musically mock the NRA’s standard position and the famous quote of the organization’s former president, Charlton Heston. “Cold Dead Hand” hit the Internet by storm, quickly inviting criticism from conservative media outlets.

Comments from Fox News in particular led Carrey to write a sarcastic press release in which he referred to the network as a “media colostomy bag.”

Fox News, unable to let something like that pass unremarked, then challenged the actor to make good on his threat to sue the news station. This new article is Carrey’s response.

Posted by:Laurel Brown