jim lehrer presidential debate Jim Lehrer moderates presidential debate: How'd he do?The first presidential debate was Wednesday night (Oct. 3) at the University of Denver in Colorado. Jim Lehrer of the PBS News Hour was the moderator. And the consensus online seems to be that regardless of who won, President Obama or Governor Romney, that Lehrer was not great at his job.

The debate quickly got out of Lehrer’s control when the candidates were speaking much longer than their allotted time. Then Romney actually says to Lehrer, “The President began this segment, so I believe I get the last word.” Later, Obama reminds Lehrer that he had five seconds left in his answer before Lehrer interrupted him.

On Twitter, we saw Lehrer being compared to everyone from Milton in “Office Space” — any moment Romney was going to ask him to move his office down to the basement — to the replacement ref of presidential debates. And perhaps our favorite quote was, “Clint Eastwood even thinks Lehrer did old people a disservice tonight.”

What do you think, readers? Was Lehrer pretty bad?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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