Two things about this video from Thursday’s (March 28) “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”:

1. It’s amazing. Fallon, guests Blake Shelton and Nick Offerman and “Late Night” editor and occasional on-screen performer Chris Tartaro are The Chickeneers, and they perform an all-clucking version of the Lumineers’ song “Ho Hey.” Bless Shelton and Offerman for being game to do something so off the wall and Fallon and his writers for coming up with it.

It is easily the best all-cluck version of any song since Gonzo’s chickens did Cee Lo’s “F*** You” in “The Muppets.”

2. It’s hard to watch this burst of weirdness and think it will work on “The Tonight Show.” It’s looking increasingly like Fallon will move to 11:35 in the next year or so. He’s a good host, and his affable personality seems like a good fit for “Tonight.” A number of the comedy bits he does for “Late Night” probably can carry over to “Tonight,” but stuff like this? Maybe not.

Here’s hoping that whenever he does take over “Tonight,” Fallon will still feel free to do things like The Chickeneers. 

Posted by:Rick Porter