jimmy fallon late 320 Jimmy Fallon gets <strike>Lost</strike> LateLast year, several staff members from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” were involved in an elevator accident on the way to a show taping. It was scary — and had some eerie parallels with a certain ABC series.

“About a year ago I had a pretty similar experience to ‘Lost’ right here in this building,” Fallon told the audience during Friday’s (Feb. 12) “Late Night.” Except instead of a plane crash, it was an elevator crash, and we got standed on a mysterious, deserted floor.”

Fallon and Co. recount their harrowing experience in “Late.” Chapter 1 is below.

Pretty spot-on, right? Fallon and his staff clearly know their “Lost,” and the mysteries they set up — what’s with the fish? Why is there a closet full of legal pads? — feel appropriately “Lost”-ian. The music was great as well, as was the close-up on a supposedly meaningful piece of literature (“Goosebumps”) and the brief shot of a torn poster for another NBC show (“Anytime with Trent Fishman”).

The only downside: Episode two of “Late” won’t debut until March 1.

What did you think of “Late”?

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