“Imagine laughter! Imagine fun! Imagine excitement!” Jimmy Fallon declares in the clever opening to the episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” he taped as Hurricane Sandy was threatening to hit New York City.

Just like former “Late Night” host David Letterman, Fallon delivers his monologue in front of an empty audience. Unlike Letterman’s sharper meta approach, Fallon is his usual silly self. He jokes that other shows — like syndicated sleazefest “Maury” — shut down production due to the storm (“It was a little frustrating when Maury was like, ‘Jeff the paternity test is in … and you’re gonna have to wait another two days!'”) and delivers an impression of John Travolta from “Grease” (“Sandy!”).

Fallon still manages a full line-up of guests (and an impressive one at that: Seth Meyers from “Saturday Night Live,” Padma Lakshmi from “Top Chef,” “Flight” director Robert Zemeckis and musical act Imagine Dragons) and also throws in a comedy bit featuring an unusual duel with “the only guy in the audience”:

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