Jimmy Fallon has added a new singer to his parody repertoire: Eddie Vedder. On “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night (Feb. 23), the talk show host channeled ’90s Seattle as he sang a parody version of the Pearl Jam classic “Jeremy,” except it was all about Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin.

Fallon gets his grunge on with lyrics like: “The Knicks were 8 and 15/oh and before that, no one really cared/now Jeremy is winning/and the Knicks don’t suck.” 
Yes, there are Lin puns galore, right down to the chorus. We’re partial to the lines that acknowledge the weird racism inherent in all of the media coverage: “Seemed a little Harvard nerd/when he beat Kobe Bryant/set a screen and took it to the hole to show/that Asian men can drive.”
Check out the video above. All together now: “Jeremy Liiiiin-saaaa-a-a-a-a-nity.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley