jimmy fallon hosting getty Jimmy Fallon the psychic? Upcoming host predicted return date to 'SNL' in 1998Could Jimmy Fallon be clairvoyant in addition to being a decent beer pong player?

In the Dec. 12, 1998 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” the then 24-year-old cast member seemingly foretold his recently-announced ‘SNL’ hosting duties.

While playing the Ghost of “SNL” Hosts Future in a “Christmas Carol”-themed sketch, Fallon told Alec Baldwin, “Apparently I become a huge star in the future and I host the show in the year 2011.”

This sketch came true as the comedy program said Fallon would make his hosting debut Dec. 17, 2011.

Fallon’s predictive skills aren’t perfect. In the sketch he said REM would be the musical guest, when it’s actually Michael Buble. It also appears that Fallon might have a little trouble reading the calendar because in the sketch he says his return date to 30 Rock is Dec. 12, 2011.  

The only problem there is Dec. 12 is a Monday.

He’s still more accurate than Miss Cleo.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein