The sweeps are coming, according to “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” In a hilarious spoof that Jimmy Fallon spent the week hyping on social media, the late night host tackled HBO’s “Game of Thrones” in a digital original called “Game of Desks.”

A whole lot of effort went into making “Game of Desks” arguably the best spin on “Game of Thrones” that has been produced. From turning Rockefeller Center into “Rockefell” to the opening credits of the fantasy series being recreated for this sketch to Steve Higgens playing a cross between Davos Seaworth, Robert Baratheon and Lord Varys, “Game of Desks” was wonderfully executed. Also, Fallon makes a very fetching Daenerys.

But the best part of the video came when the Late Night’s Watch, played hilariously by The Roots, announced that “the real true ‘Late Night’ heir” is coming in February 2014. “Game of Desks” then cut to Seth Meyers prepping for his upcoming “Late Night” takeover.

Other highlights from the sketch including peacocks replacing Dany’s dragons, Fallon’s dog acting as his sigil, the line “I can see your dinklage as clear as day” and Jay Leno‘s cameo at the end. “Game of Thrones” returns with its penultimate Season 3 episode on June 2, but fans can always watch “Arrested Development” Season 4 to tide them over.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz